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High-Definition Thermal Infrared Cameras from TELOPS

Capture finest details with up to 3-megapixel image resolution

Telops’ new series of high-definition (HD) infrared cameras bridge the gap between high-speed acquisition and high image resolution. This product line comprises four cooled high-performance cameras for MWIR detection (1.5 µm to 5.4 µm), designed to provide unprecedented image quality while maintaining an excellent thermal sensitivity (30 mK). The model FAST M200hd, for instance, provides high acquisition rates of 180 Hz at an image resolution of 1,280 x 1,024 pixels. It is a powerful solution to capture scenes that require high-speed measurements at high image resolution such as in experimental mechanics, non-destructive testing and IR signature investigation. The Super HD series brings infrared imaging to a whole new level with up to 3 megapixels resolution combined with high acquisition rates. The model FAST M3Shd, for instance, achieves high frame rates of 90 Hz at a true image resolution of 1,920 x 1,536 pixels. This unique camera is ideally suited to capture large-scale targets or distant objects with crisp details. All cameras feature Telops’ permanent temperature and radiometric calibration. The users benefit from calibrated measurements over the full operation range of the camera. Telops’ advanced calibration enables powerful features such as automatic exposure control to fully exploit the high dynamic range of the detector. Contact us for more information.