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Raman TV by Wasatch Photonics

Raman TV – der neue YouTube Kanal von Wasatch Photonics erklärt in kurzen Videos die Grundlagen der Ramanspektroskopie. Raman TV  

Analyse von Hyperspektraldaten in Echtzeit

Mira is a software interface for analysing hyperspectral image data. Based on a powerful machine learning engine Mira selects the best statistical model for given labelled samples fully automatically.   Mira helps creating specific solutions for image analysis that can… Weiterlesen

Prüfung von Solarsimulatoren mit mobilem Spektroradiometer SR-1901PT

ASTM standard E927-05 defines a solar simulator as a device that con-tains three major components: (1) light source(s) and associated power supply; (2) any optics and filters required to modify the output beam to meet the classification requirements (e.g., AM1.5… Weiterlesen

Verbesserte Display-Farbmessung mit der WP214 Spektral-Farbmesskamera

An innovative imaging colorimeter measurement system which corrects tristimulus images by referencing an integrated spot spectroradiometer is introduced. Improvements offered to the display test industry by the new measurement system over current colorimeter designs are verified by measurements with comparable… Weiterlesen

In situ Messungen des TOC mit einem Spectral Evolution Feldspektrometer

Spectral Evolution NIR field spectroradiometers provide accurate, fast, and non-destructive measurement of total organic carbon in soil Total organic carbon (TOC) is a measure of the organic carbon contained within soil organic matter. Organic carbon in soil is a result… Weiterlesen