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VIS Spectrometers (WP)

VIS Spectrometers

Wasatch Photonics provides a line of f/1.3 high performance, spectrometers that maximize throughput and offer shorter integration times for applications in the laboratory and in the field. Available in Raman, UV, VIS, and NIR ranges, as well as fully custom OEM spectrometers. Applications include material identification and analysis for process control, R&D, biomedical, chemicals, agriculture, and homeland security.

Short Description

By combining their Ultimate Diffraction Grating with f/1.3 optics, Wasatch Photonics has created the World’s Fastest Spectrometer. In addition to speed, our Innovative Optical Design lets us build a high-performance spectrometer in a small package. When tested side by side, our spectrometers consistently outperform larger, more expensive units. Our VIS spectrometer performs exceptionable for fluorescence applications.

The High Throughput allows low light level detection and fast integration times. This spectrometer can detect fluorescein in the attomolar region.

Wasatch Photonics VIS Spectrometer Features/Benefits:

  • Wavelength range is 400 – 800 nm
  • f/1.3 high-efficiency optics for highest sensitivity
  • HD Volume Phase Holographic Grating
  • Back-thinned Si CCD with low noise electronics
  • Extreme low stray light and high transmission
  • Short acquisition time and high SNR spectra
  • TEC cooling option available
  • Bluetooth and Ethernet options available
  • Fiber coupled or free space
  • OEM Solution

VIS Spectrometers