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SphereOptics provides inovative and lightweight LiDAR systems by SureStar which stand out for their UAV suitability.


Sky-Lark UAV LiDAR System, with a 70°x40° field of view, is a LiDAR system for small light UAVs.

Key advantages of Sky-Lark system:

  • Scanning with a 70°×40° FOV, good description of vertical surfaces.
  • High density point cloud: >100 points/m² @ 100m
  • Modular design allows flexible integration.
  • One-button start of Sky-Lark
  • Data saved with a pluggable USB drive, easy to process.
  • Complete outline description of vertical features.



Genius is featured as a light-weight, small-size, cost-effective mapping lidar system designed for drone. Equipped with a R-Fans multi-beam scanner, GPS/IMU, CCD digital camera and control computer, Genius is ease of installation, operation, and maintenance.

Highly integrated design of Genius enables excellent performance and stability. With a system weight of 2.7 kg, Genius is able to reach targets (20% reflectivity) with maximum range as of 100 meters. Real time capturing 3D image of Genius allows efficient and cost-effective 3D measurement.

  • Small size, light weight
    • Genius is a lightweight, compact airborne 3D LiDAR system with a full weight of 2.7 kg. It can be installed on a variety of UAV platforms and easy to operate.
  • Highly integrated design
    • Genius adopts mini-pod design, comprising of one IMU card and one optional digital camera, a built-in pluggable USB drive. Data can be stored directly to the removable disk. One-button-to-start function eases operation process and improves efficiency.
  • Flexible and easy to use
    • The greatest advantage of Genius is its light weight, enabling UAV to achieve perfect flight speed and flight distance. It can work under different environment and weather condition, without requirement on take-off and landing field. Its superior low altitude performance can ease the flight and improves efficiency.
  • Cost effective
    • Low cost of UAV LiDAR systems removes concerns on staff safety on site.