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SphereOptics provides dielectric OEM mirrors, filters and replicated mirrors by the company Newport Franklin (subsidiary of Newport Corporation). We are available for the technical realisation of your filter requirements, and gladly we present various solutions. Filter and mirror solutions by Newport Franklin apply e.g. in the areas of Life Science (Flourescence reader, Plate readers, DNA sequencers, diagnostic instrumentation, etc…), general process control and medical equipment.

Short Description

Filter manufacturer Newport Franklin:

  • Production of dielectric coatings since 1967 (initially under the name Corion®)
  • Unique StabiLife® coating method that allows coatings without tensile and bending stress.
  • Dielectric layers are extremely durable, temperature-stable and resistant to different environmental influences. With Stabilife® the steepest spectral band filters and edge filters are manufactured. Filters show no spectral shift due to high ambient humidity.
  • The patented Stabilife® method allows combinations of dielectric layers with filter lenses and absorption materials (multi-substrates approach). This combination allows for example the production of fluorescence filters with significantly improved blocking (spectral wider and steeper slopes) between transmission and reflection.
  • Minimal OEM mirror/ filter size 1 mm x 1 mm
  • Integrationofmirror/filterproductsinopticalassemblies, mass production ofopticalmodules

Typical products are: fluorescence filter sets, Dichroic Filter, AR coatings, edge filters, notch filter, and aspherical mirrors.


Latest product: Newport OptoFlash™

Thin Film Coatings

The Opto Flash™ module is to be used as an alternative to filter wheels and optical grating in various applications in biomedicine and general metrology. The decisive advantage of the OptoFlash ™ module is, that it contains no moving parts. It is a highly integrated, optoelectronic component. The filter number is variable and demo board kits allow easy integration.


Replicated Optics

Replicated Mirrors

Newport Franklin not only offers dielectric coatings, but also at the same time market leader for replicated optics. This product group includes aspherical mirrors, retro-reflectors and other metal mirror versions. These are mechanically much more precisely aligned (higher angular accuracy), as for example, glued retroreflectors.

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