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Raman Spectrometer

Wasatch Photonics provides a line of f/1.3 high performance, spectrometers that maximize throughput and offer shorter integration times for applications in the laboratory and in the field. Available in Raman, UV, VIS, and NIR ranges, as well as fully custom OEM spectrometers. Applications include material identification and analysis for process control, R&D, biomedical, chemicals, agriculture, and homeland security.

Short Description

Known for their speed and sensitivity – Wasatch Photonics’ Raman spectroscopy solutions from the visible through NIR.

Wasatch Photonics’ line of high throughput modular Raman spectrometers deliver the best price to performance on the market, from the visible through NIR. Designed with Wasatch Photonics’ proprietary volume phase holographic grating in an f/1.3 bench, these spectrometers allow you to capture and keep more photons to achieve better signal to noise ratio at the sample. This translates into lower limits of detection for applications like SERS (Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy), and enables higher data collection rates for kinetics monitoring and quality control on ultra-high speed production lines.

RAMAN Spectrometer Sample Type Spectral Range What you need to know
WP 405 Inorganic 410 – 475 nm Strong signal, broad spectral range
WP 532 Inorganic 533 – 690 nm Strong signal, broad spectral range
WP 638 Organic 645 – 750 nm Best general choice for SERS
WP 785 Organic 800 – 930 nm Balances signal with fluorescence background
WP 830 Organic 845 – 980 nm Most popular OEM excitation wavelength
WP 1064 Organic 1090 – 1330 nm Surprisingly short acquisition times

Beside from these off the shelf Raman spectrometers, Wasatch Photonics can configure a complete Raman spectroscopy solution perfectly tailored to your research or OEM application. Please contact us for detailed information.