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Characterization of spectral Responsivity and Quantum Efficiency for Image Sensors and Camera Modules with QES-1000

  • Spectral irradiance / radiance source standard for determination of quantum efficiency of image sensors
  • Control of known levels of uniform monochromatic light
  • Real-time NIST traceable spectral irradiance / radiance
  • Highest light level and dynamic range to meet the demands of image sensor characterization
  • Turn-key, plug and play instrument
  • System base design allows further customization
  • Software development kit for rapid development of user defined test protocols

Short Description

TrueLume spectral irradiance/radiance source standard, QES-1000, from Labsphere allows the determination of the electro-optical quantum efficiency, spectral responsivity and linearity of silicon-based optical sensors. Labsphere´s instrument seamlessly utilizes two lamps for the greatest efficiency in the UV-VIS and NIR. Six position optical density filter wheel allows control of the light levels at the sensor. The integrated light monitors ensure the light falling on the sensor is known in real time and industry´s best integration sphere technology ensures the highest uniformity.

TrueLume spectral irradiance/radiance source standard QES-1000 is essential for the image sensor industry to enable integrators to specify and tailor the input optics and spectral filtering and apply performance enhancing corrections through the end product. This product origin is the family of Labsphere´s uniform light sources shown in the HELIOS brochure.


  • Determination electro-optical quantum efficiency of Silicon detectors
  • Test of linearity and spectral response
  • Real-time NISR traceable spectral irradiance/radiance