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Near-field Imaging Goniophotometer for Generation of IES and LDT Photometric Data Sets
Video: Radiant Vision Systems Near-Field Measurement System

  • Efficient luminance and illuminance characterization for large light sources
  • Measurements performed in the near field and powerful Ray Generation Software extrapolate to far field Data – IES and EULUMDAT data files
  • Direct measurement of far-field and generation of IES and LDT photometric data sets possible as well
  • Complete, automated system with Smart Technology™ for easy and fast handling
  • Office sized dark room is sufficient (4m x 3m x 2m, L x B x H)
  • Multipurpose high performance camera is used as detector system – also stand-alone usable as imaging photometer
  • Weight of luminaires up to 25 kg, up to 1.8 m length of luminaires

Short Description

Radiant Vision Systems imaging goniophotometer PM-NFMS is a fully automated, gonimetric system combined with a ProMetric imaging colorimeter or photometer and specialized software to capture a precise model of a light source´s near-field and far-field output. It measures brightness, color, and, optionally, spectrum as a function of viewing angle for large light sources. It is designed to provide accurate luminance distribution for the near-field, far-field and generates IES and LDT photometric data sets.

Measurement Functions

  • Far-field luminous/radiant intensity
  • Near-field ray sets
  • CIE Chromaticity Coordinates x,y or u’,v’ per angle, physically resolved
  • Correlated Color Temperature, CCT per angle


  • Far field intensity profile of final luminaires - IES and EULUMDAT data files
  • Intensity and color variation analysis of luminaires in the near field for design purposes
  • Quality assurance and improvement in R&D
  • Energy Star certification and UGR calculation