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Imaging Sphere IS LI and IS VA – cost effective, fast, single measurement for small Light Sources and Displays

  • Angular resolved color, intensity and luminance data within seconds
  • No moving Parts in the goniometer system, Imaging technology is used
  • No dark room needed for the measurements
  • Measurement functions: far field luminous/radiant intensity; CIE Chromaticity coordinates x,y or u´,v´ versus angle; CCT versus angle
  • Powerful Imaging Sphere Software supplied for analysis

Short Description

Radiant Vision Systems Imaging Sphere IS LI™ (Luminous Intensity) and IS VA™ (viewing angle) allow cost effective, fast, single measurement captures of complete angular performance information for small light sources and displays. The IS-LI™ Luminous Intensity Measurement System provides comprehensive measurement of far-field luminous intensity; radiant intensity, CIE chromaticity coordinates, and correlated color temperature (CCT) distributions as a function of angle for LEDs and other small light sources.

The IS-VA™ View Angle Performance Measurement System delivers high-speed, comprehensive measurements of color, luminance (brightness) and contrast as a function of view angle for flat panel displays and display components.

The IS LI™ is available in two sizes: Light weighted IS LI-TE with dome diameter 100 mm and the IS LI with dome diameter 500 mm. The IS VA™ is available with dome diameter 500 mm. All three types of Imaging Spheres do not need a darkroom for operation.


  • Viewing angle dependency of displays and OLEDs
  • Intensity distribution of single LEDs and small light sources in R & D
  • Quality assurance in production lines
  • Lens design of single LEDs
  • Color uniformity measurements over angles and over time