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Imaging Spheres for BRDF & BRDT Measurements

Radiant  BRDF Measurement

Imaging Sphere IS-SA™ for BRDF and BRDT Determination

  • TIR (Total Integrated Reflectance)
  • TIS (Total Integrated Scatter)
  • Gain
  • Relative Color: CCT; CIE x,y; u’,v’; E
  • Angular resolved Scatter measurements from the Imaging Sphere IS-SA:
  • Photopic and colorimetric measurement capabilities
  • Full, automated control over illumination angle of the light source
  • Extensive configuration options for light source and sample control
  • Easy to use control and analysis software interface
  • Data can be exported for use in optical design and rendering tools

Short Description

The IS-SA™ scatter and appearance measurement system from Radiant Vision Systems integrates a focused light source, directly illuminating a material sample to measure scattered light. The IS SA can accurately and rapidly characterize surface roughness, imperfections and diffusion properties for a wide range of reflective surfaces and transmissive films. The IS-SA generates detailed BRDFs and BTDFs with finer angular resolution and greater speed than goniometric systems. It is designed for use in both R&D and production quality control applications for material characterization and quality assessment, and for generating libraries of BSDF measurements for computer modeling and rendering. No dark room is required for BRDF measurements.


  • BRDF (bi-directional reflectance distribution function) measurement
  • BTDF (bi-directional transmission distribution function) measurement
  • Material characterization and classification based on scatter for metals, plastics, paper, textiles and more
  • Surface treatment characterization and classification based on scatter for cleaners, polishes, paints, coatings, and more
  • Quality control sampling
  • Generation of accurate and complete appearance models for optical design and rendering applications