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Imaging Colorimeters and Photometers

  • High speed USB and Ethernet communications
  • ProMetric® software with API support, which provides complete measurement control and an extensive suite of image analysis functions
  • CIE-matched color filters and neutral density filters, closely matches human visual perception
  • Electronically controlled focus and aperture settings with electronic lenses
  • Option of user generated color calibration for highest color measurement accuracy
  • Several software packages for automated visual inspection systems ( flat panel displays, keypads, instrument clusters etc.)
  • Worldwide Support and Training

Short Description

Radiant Vision Systems imaging colorimeters and photometers of the ProMetric® series are calibrated to replicate human response to brightness, color, and scatter. The ProMetric® Imaging colorimeters and photometers are cooled CCD-based camera systems designed to make precise, spatial measurements of luminance and chromaticity.
The spatial measurement capabilities are luminance cd/m², radiance W/m², illuminance lux, irradiance W/m², luminous intensity candela, CIE chromaticity coordinates, L*a*b color scale, correlated color temperature, dominant wavelength.
There are three different series of camera types for demanding R & D applications and also for high volume manufacturing of flat panel displays, illuminated keyboards and lighting products:

ProMetric® I Series imaging colorimeters feature 12 bit measurement resolution with a cooled high speed CCD interline chip with spatial resolution 2 MPixel to 16 MPixel. The high dynamic range mode (HDR) yields a dynamic range up to 1.000.000:1. Full color measurements could be one in less a second with the ProMetric® I series. I series is purpose built for testing of flat panel displays, illuminated keyboards and lighting products in a high-volume manufacturing environment.

ProMetric® Y Series imaging photometers feature 12 bit measurement resolution of a cooled interline CCD chip with spatial resolution from 2 megapixel to 29 megapixel. Exposure and data processing takes place in a fraction of a second.  Photopic and radiometric versions are available.

ProMetric® G Series imaging colorimeters feature 14 bit resolution with a cooled full frame CCD chip with spatial resolution 2 to 6 Mpixel. The ProMetric G imaging colorimeters are made for high repeatable measurement accuracy. Smart Technology ™ enhancements allow a unmatched use of the cameras.


  • Color and luminance testing of flat panel displays (FPDs)
  • Light measurement and characterization of LED products
  • Appearance testing of illuminated instrument clusters and keypads
  • Illuminance measurements (automotive head light testing)