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Measurement service for photometric data, optical scattering and sensor calibration!

After long experiences with light measurement technology for accurate measurements of luminaires and lamps, Sphereoptics build up an own lighting laboratory. Whether for manufacturers, light designers or e.g. Lidar users, we can offer diverse and individual measurement services.

Thereby classical parameters of luminaires and lamps, like luminous flux (lumens), spectrum, color parameters (CIE color values, color rendering index, color temperature, etc.), efficacy (lumens per watt), luminance (cd/m²) as well as near- and farfield light distribution (ray-files, IES and EULUMDAT data), can be acquired cost-effectively. In addition we offer specific measurement procedures for the determination of optical material properties, like scatter parameter (BRDF, BTDF, TIS), as well as reflectance- and transmittance factors. Finally radiometric calibrations of photo detectors, spectrometers and hyperspectral cameras complete our portfolio of customized services.

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