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High-End Scatterometers for BRDF/BTDF Measurements – The Scatter Works Inc. is now distributed by SphereOptics GmbH

From the beginning of 2018, SphereOptics GmbH presents a new partner for high-end Scatterometers to be used for BSDF/BRDF/BTDF measurements: The Scatter Works Inc. (TSW).

TSW scatter measurement instruments perform measurements of the reflected and transmitted scatter properties of materials and span a wide price/performance range. They are equipped with selectable laser sources for scatter measurements in the VIS/NIR wavelength range. The high performance of TSW scatterometers is particularly well suited to glossy, low reflectance surfaces such as silicon wafers and antireflection coated optics.

Applications for the TSW scatterometers include the calibration of diffuse reflectance targets used to test automotive LIDAR instrumentation, quality control sampling, generation of precise and complete appearance models for optical design and rendering applications, material characterization and classification based on scatter and surface treatment characterization and classification based on scatter.

SphereOptics GmbH offers test & measurement service based on the instruments from TSW.

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