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Broad range of LiDAR test equipment

SphereOptics offers a wide range of services and hardware to characterize Lidar measurement systems. This includes reference targets and various calibration services. Lidar specific targets will be delivered for example in diffuse white (≈ 95%R), black (≈ 5%R) and retro reflective feature foil.
SphereOptics characterized with spectral measurements the reflectivity behavior in the range of 250 – 2500 nm. By bigger reference targets (up to 1mx3m is possible) the variances of the homogeneity is over the total area less than 1%. This can be proved by spectral reflectivity measurements.
For testing the diffuse and retro reflective characteristic of the targets, we are offering a BRDF measurement service, which characterizes the back scattering in detail (angle accuracy „in plane“ at 1° and „out of plane“ at 5°).

SphereOptics offers additionally measurement service at customers side for reference targets and special surfaces. Here special measurement systems are used, equipped with integrations spheres or measurement heads where the 0°/45° measurement geometry is used as input for spectrometers. The measurement range covers all Lidar specific wavelengths and can be expanded on request up to 350-2500 nm. As an additional service SphereOptics offers flatfield and radiometric calibration of point sensors and cameras.

This specific knowledge of measurement and calibration can be trained from our side in specific seminars. For the equipment of your calibration labor our engineers will consult you.
If you have any questions please let us know.